Eating Mc Donalds  can’t always be healthy, eating it is very delicious but, it can make you gain a lot of wait!Not always you shouldn’t eat it that often because the hamburgers have a lot of grease and that can make you gain a lot of wait, but eating it at least once or twice a week would be good. I know it’s not healthy to eat it but yeah keep eating it!!! But not that often!

Taco Bell

For the past 2 or 3 weeks I have been researching Taco Bell & if its good for you . Well guess what it is ! All the foods I picked been lower that 60% Fat calories ! So if you ever want to eat healthy  & eat something very delicious Taco Bell is your place ! Lets say you want a grilled Burrito thats still under 60% Fat ! Taco bell can be a healthy & good place to eat ! The food delicious & the calories are’ not even high !

Love ^_^

Love is something you get when your with that one girl, love is a feeling you get in your heart. It is something you share with that girl you love so much, but sometimes those feelings go away and you go try to find another girl, but some others just try to get those feelings back so they can stay with that one girl forever.


Goldfishes have long fins and tails. They grow to be 3 to 6 inches. there is 500 types of gold fishes..They dont have stomachs. Goldfishes cant close there eyes so they sleep different instead of closing there eyes they fall in a deep sleep. Gold fishes make good pets


Facebook , is very tempting when i’m just doing my homework and i’m bored.I know that I probably got like 15 comments and like 8 likes on my status and I really want to see what they posted .In fact that’s exactly what i’m going to do when i go home.Facebook is a addicting website to use.

Drawing my cats and dogs

I like drawing figures and logos because it’s fun.I do not like STICK PEOPLE.I like drawing my dogs and my cats.Sometimes I make comics out of of them is called The war between cats also packed with info about them for example alejandro’s blog{Domesticated Cats}.I dream that someday I’ll make my creations into TV shows and MOVIES!

January 9-13

Which site would you trust if you wanted to find out which is the best Android phone to buy? Why would you trust that site more?

Site 1

Site 2

Inapprorpriate comments on a news article about a boy getting suspended for calling a teacher “cute:”
















Issues with these comments: rude tone, name-calling, cursing, nit-picking, general jerkiness

View this video for information about being a digital citizen:

And a Star Wars version of why it’s important to be a good digital citizen:

ghetto neighborhood

maryvale is the most ghetto place in phoenix. everyone there is ghetto too. well not everyone just almost like 75% of the neighborhood . but yea maryvale is like big time ghetto no lie . if you come to live here you just might turn ghetto your self. so watch out. its the badest place in town . theres trash all over the ground  and graffiti . yea just call us ghetto ville .people here are like rally dirt they dont care about our world they kill it.everyone does graffiti here its nonstop graffiti year around. theres also hundreds of gangs roaming around in the allies .so watch your back you could get jumped for your money just kidding but you can get jumped!so yea thats my post on the most ghetto place ever. 0h and theres a lot of weed  sellers here! for me its really scary here i wish i could move everywhere you look theres a gang just kidding but theres a lot of them.hope you enjoyed this post bye!